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Speculations I

July 2010, ISBN: 978-0-557-57344-8

". . . the ultimate challenge for speculative realism—and for philosophy as a whole if this movement is indeed a product of our zeitgeist—is to clarify its position in the historical dialectic between the natural sciences and whatever responds to the name of ‘humanities’ (a term which clearly appears increasingly unfit to designate any philosophy that aims at overcoming the strictures of anthropocentric thought). A new kind of philosophy—whose label as ‘Post-Continental’ is defended by John Mullarkey—is attempting to place itself at that juncture between the radical science-skeptical positions that preceded it on one side and the danger of losing any identity and being swallowed whole by empirical science on the other."

--Fabio Gironi, "Science-Laden Theory: Outlines of an Unsettled Alliance"

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Editorial Introduction
Paul J. Ennis


Science-Laden Theory: Outlines of an Unsettled Alliance
Fabio Gironi

Thinking Against Nature: Nature, Ideation, and Realism between Lovecraft and Schelling
Ben Woodard

To Exist Is To Change: A Friendly Disagreement With Graham Harman On Why Things Happen
Michael Austin


Interviews with Graham Harman, Jane Bennett, Tim Morton, Ian Bogost, Levi Bryant and Paul Ennis
Petter Gratton


Nomological Disputation: Alain Badiou and Graham Harman on Objects
Nathan Coombs

Response to Nathan Coombs
Graham Harman

Networkologies: A Manifesto, Section I
Christopher Vitale


Deleuze/Guattari & Ecology edited by Bernd Herzogenrath
Adrian Ivakhiv

The Ecological Thought by Timothy Morton
Petter Gratton with a response by Tim Morton

Response to Peter Gratton
Timothy Morton

After the Postsecular and the Postmodern: New Essays in Continental Philosophy of Religion edited by Anthony Paul Smith and Daniel Whistler
Austin Smidt